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Vmware ESXI vmdk Tanım Dosyasını Yeniden Oluşturma

Vmware ESXI Vmname-disk-1.vmdk Tanım Dosyasını Yeniden Oluşturma # cd /vmfs/volumes/myvmfsvolume/mydir # ls -l vmdisk0-flat.vmdk -rw——- 1 root root 4294967296 Oct 11 12:30 vmdisk0-flat.vmdk # vmkfstools -c 4294967296 -d thin temp.vmdk # vi temp.vmdk change line “temp.vmdk” to “vmname-flat.vmdk” Rename temp.vmdk to the name that is required to match the orphaned -flat file (or vmdisk0.vmdk , in this example): # mv… Read more »

Vmware CLI Value Commands

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VM Power CLI Connect-VIServer -Server Set-PowerCLIConfiguration -InvalidCertificateAction Ignore -Confirm:$false Set-PowerCLIConfiguration -Scope User -InvalidCertificateAction warn ESXI host Register VM find /vmfs/volumes/5e663972-baa48407-c77d-ac162d8cfb90 -name “*.vmx” -exec vim-cmd solo/registervm {} \; ESXi Register all VMs on a single datastore. ~ # find /vmfs/volumes/<datastorename>/ -maxdepth 2 -name ‘*.vmx’ -exec vim-cmd solo/registervm “{}” \; Register all VMs on all datastores. ~ # find /vmfs/volumes/ -maxdepth… Read more »

Vmware VCSA DB vPostgres Database Operations

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Vmware VCSA DB Operations WinSCP This solution does not required any configuration in vCenter Appliance side. From “WinSCP” Client. Choose “SFTP” File protocol from drop down and enter vCenter credentials -> Click “Advanced” Button ->in Advance Site Settings-> Under “Environment -> SFTP -> In “Protocol options” Section -> Enter below command in “SFTP Server” settings. shell /usr/lib64/ssh/sftp-server shell.set –enable True shell chsh -s /bin/bash root chsh -s /bin/appliancesh root… Read more »